Update 28 January 2017: Not only has President Trump ordered a wall to be built along the US/Mexico border, he’s just announced a complete ban on Syrian refugees from entering the United States. He’s also announced an indefinite ban on other refugees likely to be from likely “Countries of Concern”.

This is devastating news for the adults and children fleeing danger in those countries, probably including Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Somalia. These men, women and children are the victims of the same terror President Trump claims he wants to fight against.

From today, refugees around the world need our help even more urgently. They need a safe place to rebuild their lives. Australia must step up and play our part in sharing this global responsibility. Join our call on the Australian Government to offer safety to more people by increasing our annual refugee intake to a minimum of 30,000 people. Currently, 10 countries take in 56 percent of the world’s refugees (approx 11.76 million). While it’s promising that Australia offers safety to 13,750 people each year, we have the ability to open our arms to more. We must stand up and protect vulnerable people in the midst of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. At the same time, we can benefit from the contributions new Australians make to our community. It’s the right thing to do in a time of so much wrong.

Sign this petition and urge the Australian Government to increase its annual refugee intake to a minimum of 30,000 people.

Thank you!

UPDATE 2/03/18: This is now closed – thank you to everyone who took action.

We’re continuing to work to bring refugees safely to Australia. Please join us by calling on the Australian Government to expand and improve its community sponsorship program:


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Demand the Australian Government ends offshore detention
The 2,200 people that the Australian Government has trapped on Nauru and Manus Island cannot wait for safety any longer. Our government must

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  Our Petition

To the Immigration Minister, Australia is an important member of the global community and must share responsibility to help people escaping war and persecution. By working together we can ensure these people are cared for and provided protection. I call on you to:

  • Resettle in Australia at least 30,000 people escaping war and persecution each year, prioritising those selected by the UN refugee agency.
  • Include refugees in existing migration programs, such as the skilled migration program, to recognise the valuable skills and qualifications of many refugees.
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