The 2,200 people that the Australian Government has trapped on Nauru and Manus Island cannot wait for safety any longer. Our government must immediately end this secret abuse and bring people in offshore detention to safety in Australia.

These people face ongoing uncertainty and danger. In the latest incident on Good Friday, gunfire sprayed into the Manus Island detention centre. Despite our government’s claims that shots were ‘fired into the air’, photo evidence shows that bullets were fired into the detention centre. This dangerous situation was inevitable and is yet another example of the Australian Government risking the lives and safety of the people it has trapped in offshore detention centres.

Last year Amnesty’s most senior researcher, Anna Neistat, visited Nauru. She said the Australian Government had “designed a system of deliberate abuse” to deter people seeking safety who arrive by boat.

Many people trapped on Manus Island and Nauru suffer from serious mental health problems which are inadequately treated and exacerbated by the appalling conditions in which they’re forced to live. Anxiety, self-harm and suicide attempts are frequent, with children as young as nine speaking openly about wanting to end their lives.

Government policies won’t change unless everyday people like us continue speaking out. Tell the Australian Government: bring these people here to safety now.

Thank you!

UPDATE 2/03/18: This is now closed – thank you to everyone who took action.

We’re continuing to work to bring refugees safely to Australia. Please join us by calling on the Australian Government to expand and improve its community sponsorship program:


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  Our Petition

To the Hon Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

I call on the Australian Government to immediately:

  • Close the Regional Processing Centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea.
  • Bring all asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia immediately.
  • Assess, in a fair and timely manner, those whose international protection applications have not been finalised by the authorities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.
  • Ensure that all those who were granted refugee status on Nauru and Manus have the right to settle in Australia.

Note: This petition was updated on 17/10/16 to include Manus Island. The signatures will be delivered in separate batches according to which version was signed.

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