If Indigenous rights are your passion, let's fast forward to see...

If it’s refugees and asylum seekers…

If you're all about helping individuals who are facing abuses for speaking out or just because they belong to a marginalised group...

And if your passion is all of the above, like me, well we’ll be very busy indeed – but it’ll be well worth it!

So how can you help make these things happen?

We’ll definitely be needing some targeted lobbying at the state level in Queensland and Western Australia to ensure we get the public commitments and action on youth justice issues that we’re after.

Keep on telling your parliamentary representative that you’re outraged by our country’s current refugee policies, but also let’s keep working on building that groundswell of community-level support by convincing your local community groups and leaders to sign on to our open letter for a more human rights-friendly approach to the global refugee problem.

Write those letters, make those calls to embassies, hit the streets with those petitions… these are all still proven ways we get results and make a real, positive change to people’s lives the world over.

And let’s see what we can do on the corporate front to improve the lives of workers in Indonesia’s palm oil plantations by petitioning and tweeting those brands that use the abuse tainted oil in their products – it’s time they come clean!

Not sure where to start?
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