Defend the Brave in 2018

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Defend the Brave

Human rights are not dependent on the whims of fashion or government. In recent years we’ve seen governments brutally attack human rights around the world – we must continue to hold them accountable. This year work with us to stand up and take back our rights. We want to reach more people and educate them about what human rights are and why they are important to protect.

Together we will stand with the brave human rights defenders around the world who fight for equality, justice and freedom. It’s time to join the Brave. 

BRAVE is our campaign to defend those who are persecuted for advocating human rights.

BRAVE are the individuals at risk who are persecuted for defending, promoting and protecting human rights.

DEFEND THE BRAVE because human rights are for everyone and affect us all.

JOIN THE BRAVE – Sign up below for the Brave webinar to hear about plans for the year.

Join the brave webinar

By calling out breaches of human rights to the public, and calling to account those who perpetrate them, we can help others to understand what human rights are and why they are important to protect.

Take a sneak peak at the first two Brave cases here. More resources and cases to come!

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