Human Rights Defender contributions - new processing dates as of June 2017

What is Amnesty International Australia changing?

We have changed debit dates for regular donations to support human rights change across the world. We have moved from monthly debits to a four-weekly cycle, with debits made on Thursdays. Supporters can choose which Thursday their gift is debited.

Why is Amnesty International Australia making this change?

It is very important to us that our supporters understand that this change in their regular giving is not mandatory, and that there is great flexibility within our new pledge process to allow supporters to customize their giving to suit them, whereas previously we could only offer a fixed monthly regular gift on the 17th of each month.

Insufficient funds account for the majority of all declined transactions for regular donations, so by aligning our card processing dates with the payroll cycles of donors (most commonly paydays fall on Wednesday for both weekly and biweekly payment plans) means that fewer donations to Amnesty International Australia will be declined, resulting in less administrative work and therefore a cost saving to the organisation.

When did this change take place?

This change was made effective from June 15, 2017. Amnesty informed all supporters via email and mail during April and May 2017, and offered an opt-out option.

Since March 2016, new regular donors have been donating on a four-weekly basis. We have had a positive response from these donors to the four-weekly system, which is partly why we decided to extend it to our existing donors and align all pledges.

Have Amnesty supporters been informed about this change?

Yes, all our supporters were notified by email or mail during the months of April and May, and given an opt-out option.

How were Amnesty supporters informed about this change?

All our supporters were notified by email or mail, and given an opt-out option. Most supporters were sent two emails about this change.

We made at least two attempts to inform our donors – all ‘Returned to Sender’ mail was followed up with an email and all bounced emails were followed up with a mailing. We have not transitioned any supporters we were not able to reach by either email or mail onto the new system.

In addition to this, our annual receipt this year, which we send to all donors, includes a note explaining again the change to four-weekly giving, and reminds our supporters that they can at anytime revert to a monthly debit cycle.

Is this change mandatory?

No. Supporters who do not wish to move to a four-weekly debit cycle can call our Supporter Relations team on 1300 300 920 or email us at to opt-out. Amnesty regular donors can change their frequency and level of support at anytime to suit their own circumstances.

Are annual contributions changing?

Yes, a four-weekly pledge cycle means supporters will pledge 13 times per annum rather than 12.

Amnesty International does not accept funding from governments or political organisations for our campaigning and advocacy work. This financial independence means that we are free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality and to defend human rights worldwide.

Supporting Amnesty with a regular gift is the best way you can help achieve human rights for all. Your contribution helps fight injustice and oppression worldwide. Thank you.

Any additional questions, please contact us on 1300 300 920 from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM.