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Our latest materials including an update to the June 2017 action toolkit, new posters, petitions and other resources to help you campaign effectively in your community for a national plan of action to reduce the number of Indigenous kids in prison.

Don Dale and revelations of torture and abuse in detention centres across Australia have put the spotlight on our youth (in)justice system over the past year. This is a national crisis, which demands a national response.

It’s time for national leadership on youth justice

The Northern Territory Royal Commission – due to report on 17 November – provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure a long term and funded national strategy from the federal government to end the over-representation of Indigenous kids in prison.

Our campaigning has helped put youth justice on the COAG agenda, but in the coming months we plan to build so much pressure on the Prime Minister that he is compelled to act and lay the foundations for long term change.

Drawing on all of our research over the past four years, and in collaboration with our Indigenous partners, we are currently putting the finishing touches on an eight point plan to fix our youth justice system.

We have just launched a nationwide blitz with a range of tactics designed to influence the people who can pressure the PM. We are asking activists and action groups to target their politicians to remove any obstacles for a national plan of action in parliament.

You’ll be crucial to this strategy – here’s how to get involved:


NEW: We have drawn up a quick CIE toolkit update September 2017 with revised timelines, following the announcement that the Northern Territory Royal Commission report will be delayed until 17 November.

You can still download the CIE toolkit June 2017 which outlines the campaign strategy and all the information you need to put pressure on the Prime Minister for a national plan of action on youth justice.

Also check out this eight point flyer detailing our national plan to fix our youth justice system. Please note: we are currently consulting with our Indigenous partners on this plan so it is still subject to change. We’ll update it as necessary.


Current actions

The more people you sign up to the campaign the more power your group will have to influence your local, state and federal politicians. Here are some actions you can get people to take in your community.

  • NEW: Head over to our CIE blitz page to find out about our colourful puzzle petition cards. We need to collect at least 7000 pieces by mid-November. Can you be part of the solution?
  • NEW: Following the great response to our online action calling on Australia to stop the abuse of girls in youth prisons, we’ve made a hardcopy girls petition which you can use at events. We will also deliver these to the Prime Minister as part of the Blitz so make sure to get them back to us ASAP.
  • Don’t have time to order puzzle pieces? You can also download and collect signatures on this CIE 2017 petition.
  • Did you know kids as young as 10 and 11 are still locked up? We are continuing to collect signatures on this Age of criminal responsibility petition calling on the federal Attorney General George Brandis to increase the age of criminal responsibility to 12, in line with international standards.

Posters, flyers and images

Print out posters and flyers for the campaign and to promote your local campaign here.

Resources to help you speak up

Be a good ally

Find everything you need to make sure you are culturally competent, including:

  • Cultural competency online training modules – coming soon!
  • Showing up in solidarity flyer; with 10 great tips from our friends at AIUSA on how to be a respectful and responsible ally;
  • Cultural learning hub with links to Indigenous suppliers, films, literature, land councils and more; and
  • Reconciliation resources, including Amnesty’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We also run training in this area so get in touch with your Community Organiser to book in a session today!

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