Write for Rights 2017 is here!

Write for Rights 2017 is in full swing. Here’s the low down. 

Write for Rights in 2017 is finally here, and we’re calling on all our supporters to defend the rights of courageous individuals risking it all to protect the rights of others. Take an action, sign a petition or send a tweet. Your words have the power to free people from human rights abuses. Will you join us in defending the brave?


15 years of putting pen to paper has created change in lots of lives all around the world. Check out some of the lives you’ve changed in the video below.

What’s new in 2017?

Our aim: Get as many signatures on Write for Rights petitions as possible, create some change in people’s lives, and build our human rights movement. The more people we sign up, the stronger we are and the more lives we will save.

Key dates: 25 November to 10 December. 10 December — International Human Rights Day — is a Sunday this year, so there should be plenty of markets and sunny days for events and activities.

Focus on petitions, not letters

Take it to the streets! We need more people to take action faster this year so we can make the most impact for human rights. To do this we are asking everyone to focus on collecting as many petition signatures as possible, because they are faster to collect and we know we get higher action numbers with petitions than letters.

Photo submissions of your petitions

For fast delivery, you will be able to photograph your completed petitions and email them in to us (email details will be on the petitions).

Why? Sometimes cases can change quickly, and a situation can present itself for us to have immediate impact by sending all the actions we have so far to the target at short notice. You’ll be able to email photos of your petitions to us as soon as they are filled out at your events, and we’ll receive them the same day! This means we’ll have more actions to hand over at the most strategic moments of the campaign.

Furry friends defending human rights.
Furry friends defending human rights.

Pet accessories!

As an incentive for supporters to include their email addresses when they sign petitions, every email address written on an offline petition will go into a draw to receive a pet bandana!

Including animals in Write for Rights this year was the brain child of our lead activists, who came together in August to help plan this year’s campaign. So bring your pets to your events, take photos of them with the hashtags #HumanRightsArePawsome and #W4R17, and share them far and wide.

New activity book

Leading activists from across the country are putting together an activity book for you to hand out at events this year. The activity book will include fun activities like crosswords & wordfinders, but also has actions for people to take to help our Write for Rights cases. All you need to do is hand it out to people who are interested! So find places where people gather, have a chat to them about Write for Rights and start handing them out. Train stations and town centres are good options.

Want to get involved?

Check out the resources to campaign in your community, and don’t forget to take action.

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