Marriage equality resources for action

Materials including petitions, posters and conversation guides to help you campaign for equality in your community.

Why is marriage equality so important?

Marriage matters to Australians. For many people it is the way they choose to express their love and commitment to their partner.

At the moment loving LGBTQI couples do not have the freedom to express their love and commitment to one another through marriage.

⅔ Australians think that everybody should have equal access to express their love and commitment to their partner through marriage if they choose.

Everyone should be treated equally under the law. Together we can make this a reality.  

What can you do?

Over the coming months it’s critical we show politicians we’re serious about marriage equality and won’t give up until LGBTQI Australians have the freedom to marry like everyone else.

The Senate is running an inquiry into an amendment bill that would allow for marriage equality. This committee will report on 13 February and it’s crucial we show the pollies we want action and don’t want the report to gather dust on a shelf. We want a vote in parliament, and when there is a vote we want them to vote yes for marriage equality.

Here are some things you can do to show our pollies we’re serious and get us from report to marriage equality:

  1. Run events in your local community, have conversations with local constituents. Think about how you can make your events visible, happy and all about love.
  2. Collect petitions and positive letters of love using the paper and cards below. Collecting as many as possible will show your MP that their voters are serious and we won’t give up. Don’t forget to check out the lobby guide below to figure out a plan to deliver the actions to your MP.
  3. Be visible in your local media. Put out press releases about your events and write letters to the editor. MP’s check local media daily and these tactics will make sure they can’t forget about marriage equality! Media resources below.

Show your pollie it’s about love, actually

This campaign is about something beautiful, love. We want to remind pollies of this. Use the letters of love cards and writing paper below to tell your MP about why love is important and why LGBTQI couples should have the freedom to express this love and commitment through marriage. We know that personal stories are best at influencing MPs.

Are you affected by this issue? Your family? Friends? Colleagues? Use this opportunity to share your stories. 

And lucky for us Valentine’s Day falls at the best time we could hope for.

Resources to get you going

Contact your local action centre if there’s something missing you need.

The Equality campaign

Amnesty is joining the Equality campaign and people all around the country fighting for marriage equality. It’s possible if we put enough pressure on our politicians and all work together.

This video tells the story of the Equality campaign: a diverse community of Australians working together to achieve marriage equality through a parliamentary vote. It features everyday Australians — families, couples, friends, young and old from all over Australia.

Check out the Equality campaign page for more information and really lovely love stories.

Still getting questions on the plebiscite?

Here’s a blog outlining six reasons why the plebiscite was such a bad idea.

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