Module 1: Moving from sensitivity to competency

This video introduces the basic concepts of cultural awareness, sensitivity and respect and how they help us to become culturally competent in our work with Indigenous people.

We then learn about three things that we can do to become more culturally sensitive, including:

  • Proudly displaying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait flags;
  • Learning about and getting involved with important dates for the Indigenous community, including NAIDOC week, Reconciliation week and Sorry Day; and
  • Learning about local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their spirituality and kinship systems.

Step 1: Watch Video

This video is password protected and for Amnesty supporters only, and not for general distribution. To gain log in details or learn more about who should view this module please contact your Activist Support Coordinator or Community Organiser. Alternatively, contact us directly at

Step 2: Complete quiz

Thanks for watching the first module of Amnesty’s cultural competency videos.

Now please take our short quiz (5 questions) to test your knowledge.

Please note: this step is mandatory for all staff and Board members but we strongly encourage everyone to complete it. We also welcome any feedback at

Next Steps

You have taken the first step to understanding our differences and celebrating our Indigenous heritage together. Now to the next module in the series:

Module 2: Understanding the past, present and way forward




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