Taking injustice personally: our global goals 2016-19

The world is changing. We’re changing with it. Download our global goals booklet.

To build a truly global human rights movement, we’re undergoing the biggest transformation in our history. We’re changing the way we work and shifting resources to strategic locations around the world. After 50 years we know that we are at our best when we place our power – our collective knowledge, passion and energy – behind common priorities as One Amnesty.

Our vision

A world in which every person is able to enjoy the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Our mission

To undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of these rights.

Our goals

These goals outline how we will shift the way that human rights are fought for and achieved, engaging where we can and confronting where we must.

1. Reclaiming freedom

A world in which everyone knows and can claim their rights, where:

  • People defending human rights are safe and supported
  • People know their rights and are empowered to claim them
  • People can claim their rights to speak out, organise and challenge injustice
2. Securing equal rights for all

A world in which human rights and justice are enjoyed without discrimination, where:

  • Discrimination, including violent discrimination is reduced
  • Progress is made towards equality based on gender, gender identity and sexuality
  • More people can enjoy their economic, social and cultural rights
3. Responding to crises

A world in which people are protected during conflict and crises, where:

  • Civilians are better protected through effective action by national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms
  • People affected by conflict, crisis, torture or persecution have access to adequate protection and assistance
  • Those responsible for human rights abuses are held accountable and victims have access to justice, truth and reparation
4. Ensuring accountability

A world in which human rights abuses are held accountable, where:

  • Regional and global human rights mechanisms are reinforced where national rights protection is failing
  • Human rights governance and accountability are strengthened at a national level
5. Maximising our resources and engagement

We will be a truly global human rights movement of people defending human rights for all. We will work to ensure that:

  • Amnesty is a larger, stronger and more diverse movement with greater capacity to achieve human rights impact
  • Amnesty is strengthened through active and diverse participation at all levels

Taking injustice personally: our goals 2016-19 booklet

To find out how we’ll do this, make sure to check out Taking injustice personally: our goals 2016-19, a colourful 30-page booklet detailing how we will work to achieve lasting progress worldwide. A great resource to print out for stalls and other events.

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