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Update 3/11/17:  Amnesty International researchers have been on the ground on Manus Island, documenting what is happening as the centre closes. We are deeply concerned by what we have been witnessing. Moving people from one abusive location to another does nothing more than paper over the cracks of the abusive system. Please keep taking action.

Click here for the latest actions you can take on the Manus situation.

Refugees: Basic resources for action

Materials including current actions, posters, films and photo exhibitions to help you campaign effectively in your community about refugee rights.

Welcome to the 2017 refugee campaign!

As populist politicians across the globe continue to promote fear, refugees are bearing the brunt of the attack on human rights. But in Australia, there is hope: the Manus Island detention centre has been declared illegal, the outcome of the Australia-US resettlement deals remains unclear and the public mood is turning. Now is the time to push to close the detention centres and develop a more humane approach to the people seeking help.

The essentials

Start here

We know that a lot of people only tacitly supported the government’s abusive approach to people seeking safety and protection because they don’t know of another way. We have a plan. It’s pretty simple, but big and we need everyone’s help to make it happen.

It’s all about people power. We believe that showing a critical mass of people a better plan for refugees and by persuading them to support it we can force politicians to act. It is a big project and won’t happen overnight, but we’re not alone. We’ll be joined by other activists like you, refugee organisations and community groups, and if together we all put our efforts into this we can make it a reality.

  • Refugee toolkit 2017. This will give you a detailed rundown of the refugee campaign strategy, find out more about how we plan to win the campaign, how you and your group can contribute and helpful resources to get you along your way.
  • Our plan to win infographic. Print this out for members of  your group to discuss at your next meeting. This will help them understand the plan and give them the tools they need to help with your group’s contribution to the campaign.
  • Finding your persuadables audience mapping tool. This tool will help you understand the supporters you have in your local community who are already on board with a better plan for refugees and those who you’ve not yet reached. You can use this to help plan activities to reach new audiences and demonstrate broad support to politicians for a humane alternative.
  • Planning to win. This will help you plan out a step by step approach to your campaigning and ensure it’s in line with the national plan to win and that together we get the biggest bang for our buck.
  • Persuading the persuadables. How to talk about refugees in a compelling and persuasive way. This has been tried and tested and will help you get on the front foot with your events and conversations in the community. [Coming soon!]
  • A speech or talking points. Use this as a basis for you meetings with politicians or if you’d like to do a short 5 minutes speech as part of you event.

Candle labels

These labels are to be attached to candles representing each death of a refugee the Australian Government has warehoused on Manus Island and Nauru. We’re inviting all activists to participate in this symbolic action targeting your Federal MPs and Senators at their electorate office.

If you can do as many of the below actions then together we will visibly increase public pressure on our politicians to do the right thing and #BringThemHere.  You may wish to do this once or on a regular basis with your fellow activists, friends and family members.
  1. Deliver a bundle of candles representing each person to the office of your Federal MP and your Federal Senators.
  2. Light these named candles outside your Federal MP / Senators’ office, take a photo of the candles and include the office sign of MP / Senator in your picture, then post this on Twitter and Facebook and tag your MP / Senator.  Email them with this photo.
  3. Email your local newspaper with the same photo saying something like “I live in ABC electorate and I call on XYZ as my Federal MP / Senator to use commonsense and compassion and treat people seeking asylum humanely.  The deliberately abusive Australian Government-run refugee detention centers on Nauru and PNG must be evacuated now and those two thousand men, women and children brought to safety immediately in Australia.”

April 2017 update:

Current petitions

The pressure is mounting on the Australian government to take on it’s fair share of global responsibility for refugees. We are calling on them to increase the annual refugee intake to 30,000 people every year.

Solidarity action

Share a message of solidarity to support refugees and people seeking asylum who are on Manus Island, Nauru or detained in Australia.

Here is how you share messages of solidarity:

  1. Download these Stay safe, stay strong posters.
  2. Ask people to take a photo or video of themselves holding the poster. If the person is from a business, sports club or community group, be sure to get their organisation’s signage in the background!
  3. Ask them to upload their photo to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #StaySafeStayStrong.
  4. If the person is a representative of a business, sports club or community group record their details in this solidarity pledge form. You can use this sign up form for your stall tables.

People on Manus Island and Nauru will then be able to read messages of hope from all around Australia.

Open letter

We know that businesses and community groups hold quite a bit of sway with MPs and Ministers. This is because they have power and reach over broad sections of a community and can exercise influence.

The open letter calls for the Australian Government to take a better approach to people seeking protection, one that is fair, human and common sense. We’d like to release this letter to the media when we have a broad cross-section of community groups, sporting clubs and local businesses signing up demanding a better plan.

Cool, what can my group do to help?

Your group can help by reaching out to local businesses, sporting clubs, faith groups and community groups and asking them to sign on to the letter. It’s a good idea to map out your community before you start and figure out who are the most influential and supportive groups so you can focus on them first.

You’ll need to approach the business owner, club president or whoever has the power to sign off and make sure they give approval. You might like to ask for a meeting or a casual coffee, or just drop in.

Once we have enough organisations and groups sign on we’ll go public and create a big media moment to continue to build the pressure on the Government. Download the letter here. [Coming soon!]

Posters and flyers

You can use these posters and flyers at your community events, stalls and rallies.

For more background resources about our refugee campaign, including our research, visit our Refugee resources for education and the films and photo exhibitions for your events page. 


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