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Whether you’re a seasoned Twitter addict or a fresh-faced digital newbie, let our
Social Media Activism Guide serve as your GPS as you navigate the wonderful, wacky social web.

If you’ve attended a social media webinar and would like to
revise using a copy of the slides — here they are:

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Other Awesome Resources

10 Ways To Win The Interwebs
Time-poor? This is a cut-straight-to-it lesson on social media success that delivers what it promises

How To Make That One Thing Go Viral
Virality is a slippery, partly magical beast. Like the Mimic Octopus. Learn to tame it with excellent real-world examples from the world’s fastest-growing media company.

The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
Want more training? Check out Hootsuite’s collection of six free interactive courses that will take you from beginner to guru.

STEPPS Principles for Non-Profits
This short and informative article explains how Jonah Berger’s famous virality formula applies specifically to the non-profit world.

Pretty pictures win. But what if (like just about everyone) you’re no Photoshop expert? Introducing Canva — a free and genuinely simple drag-and-drop design tool. Talk to your ASC to get the log-in details to our Canva-For-Work account.

50 Things to Tweet When you’re Stuck for Ideas
Having a tough time coming up with things to tweet? Here are 50 ideas to get you started (This was clearly designed with businesses in mind, but everything on the list can all be modified to suit an organisation like Amnesty).

Australia’s Top 100 Journalists and News Media People on Twitter
Looking to influence journalists? Twitter is a great place to start. Feel free to reach out to journos/news outlets to ask questions and engage in debate.

The 1,000 most commonly followed Twitter accounts by the New York Times staff
See who those in the know follow on Twitter. You can follow them too.

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