President Trump's 'Travel ban' and the US deal resources for action

President Trump’s ‘Travel ban’ and the US deal: Resources for action

The world is outraged by Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration, also dubbed the ‘Muslim ban’ which targets people from Muslim-majority countries and refugees in need of protection. This decision continues the uncertainty of the US/Australia refugee resettlement deal and the future of refugees on Manus and Nauru. 

Update 2pm: 7.3.17: President Trump has issued another Executive Order which drastically restricts immigration from six Muslim majority countries and halves the US’s refugee resettlement program. The Amnesty global movement is organising rallies outside US embassies and consulates as a response. (Details below)

  1. Temporarily bans entry to the US of all people including refugees from six Muslim dominated countries including Syria
  2. Reinstates a temporary blanket ban of all refugees
  3. More than halves the the number of people the US will protect through its resettlement program reducing it from 110,000 to 50,000 people                      

Rallies at an embassy or consulate near you

Amnesty Australia will be joining the global movement to mobilise in response to President Trump’s revised Executive Order on immigration. Over the next few days rallies will be held outside the US Embassy and Consulates to voice concerns about the next iteration of the Executive Order.

Canberra, US Embassy, Wednesday 8 March, 8:45am-9am

Adelaide, Parliament of South Australia, Wednesday 8 March, 12:30pm-1pm

Brisbane, South Bank Cultural Forecourt, Thursday 9 March, 12pm-1pm

Sydney, Martin Place, Thursday 9 March, 1pm-2pm

Perth, TBC, check the WA Facebook page

Petitions and placards for rallies

There are two petitions you can use at your event or rally.

  1.  Call on Australia to step up where Trump has shirked responsibility and increase our refugee intake to 30,000 people per year > Download the petition
  2. Call on President Trump to revoke his second Executive Order > Download the petition

Download a placard to hold high at the rallies against Trump’s newest Executive order.

The Executive Order and the US-Australia resettlement deal

According to media reports, Prime Minister Turnbull and senior members of his cabinet refused to condemn Trump’s
first Executive Order, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop going so far as to say the Australian Government will support Donald Trump’s “strong immigration and border protection policies.”

Across Australia organisations and advocates are calling on the Government to speak out against
President Trump’s cruel executive orders and to immediately bring the people on Manus and Nauru to safety here in Australia. 

Amnesty has written to PM Turnbull asking him to show leadership both domestically and abroad. You can help to increase the pressure by contacting your local federal MP, writing a letter to the editor and or attending a rally in your local area.

Who’s your MP

Contacting your MP is easy, you can do this through various ways including calling their office, writing a letter, tweeting or organising a face to face meeting.
You can find out who your local MP is here. Follow the links and you will find their phone number, email address and postal address. 

Calling your MP

Contacting your MP is easy. Follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Dial the number. Introduce yourself, tell them where you live, and ask to speak to your local MP/candidate. If you are calling their office, you may not be put through to the MP, that’s okay – you can leave your message with a member of their staff.
  2. Be polite and use this script as a guide for your call:
  • I’m calling regarding Trump’s second Executive Order on immigration and it’s impact on people seeking asylum who are trapped on Manus and Nauru. I’m really worried about their future and the lack of details about what impact this will have on them.
  • I want all people seeking asylum to be immediately evacuated from Nauru and Manus Island and brought to Australia for permanent settlement.  People held on Nauru and Manus cannot be subjected to Australia’s abusive offshore system any longer, regardless whether the US resettlement deal goes ahead.
  • Can you ask the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Immigration Minister to provide more detail on the US resettlement deal? Specifically I’d like more detail on, 

    the timeline for completion, 

    who’s included and excluded from the deal, w

    hat happens to those who don’t go to the US and if there are 

    any plans to forcibly transfer the 370 people currently in Australia for medical treatment back to Nauru/Manus for the US deal? 

If the MP would like a copy of your questions you can download and sent the template letter below.

3. Tell us how you went by filling out this short survey. It’ll take less that 2 mins and helps us keep our strategy fresh.
Note:  If the MP is friendly supportive suggest they could follow this up in  Parliament and that Amnesty would be pleased to provide more information from which the MP could base a speech or a question (contact your community organiser or if they say yes).

Meeting with your MP

Getting a meeting. Call your MPs local electorate office. Let them know who your are, that you’re a constituent and who you represent if relevant. (ie-convenor of XXX Amnesty Group). Ask for a meeting with your MP to discuss Trump and the US deal. You may also be given a meeting with a staffer, this is still great because they’ll pass the details of your meeting onto the MP.

Preparing your three main points. Meetings often last between 10 and 20 minutes, and sometimes the MP will be called away. This means you should have a think about what you want to say before you go in. Preparing three main points should be enough. You can use the points in the call script above as a starter and this Q & A  and media release for background. It’s also a good idea to prepare a one page summary to hand over to your MP at the end of the meeting. This will mean they’ve got something for reference.

The actual meeting.  You might like to bring a note-taker to help out or someone else for some support. Introduce yourself as a constituent and let them know about any links you have with the community. If you’re a membership of the local Amnesty Group and cricket team gives you power because it shows you’re well connected with the voters of the electorate. Make your point and ask your questions and be polite and constructive. This is your chance to build a relationship with your MP for the future. At the end pass over your summary and ask for a response if appropriate. Check out this Advocacy Guide for more tips and tricks.

Let us know how you went. Fill out this short survey or call your organiser and tell us how your meeting went. This information helps us keep our strategy fresh and up to date so we can maximise our human rights impact.

Note: If you are calling or requesting a meeting this week (30th January – 3 February) MPs and their staff will be at home in their electorates. Parliament resumes on Tuesday 7 February and sits for a fortnight (until 16 February) so MPs and their staff will be in Canberra during that time.

Writing a letter to your MP

Want to contact your local MP with a letter? Download this template letter, fill it in with all your details and send it off. Email or post is fine. Let us know if you get a response by sending it to

Writing a letter to the editor

Another way in which you can voice your concerns is to write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your letter simple and state your point in the first sentence.
  • Keep it short, try not to go over the 200 word limit.
  • Be civil and polite, however strongly you feel about the situation don’t abuse people or use extreme language.
  • Send to one newspaper only – some papers such as the guardian never publish letters they suspect have been sent elsewhere.

Attend a rally

Check your state’s Amnesty Facebook page and these sites also promote Refugee events around Australia.

These sites also promote Refugee events around Australia.

  • Australian Refugee Action Network  has a Billboard



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