How Write for Rights works

It doesn’t take much to sign a petition, send an email or write a letter but it could make a world of difference to those who need your help.

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An illustration showing four women and six men standing in a group and looking outwards. The people in the illustration are wearing various shades of blue and a backdrop of Istanbul-related graffiti is behind them.
An illustration showing two men standing side-by-side and looking outwards. The two men in the illustration are wearing various shades of brown and a backdrop of Israel-related graffiti is behind them.

Help defend the brave

Brave is standing up against injustice. Brave is being a witness. Brave is making your voice heard. Help us defend the brave.

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Take Action Now

Watch this space for details of the brave people we will be campaigning for during Write for Rights 2017.

Our Wins

Participants like you let us know how many letters and other messages you sent on each case, and we share the good news that came about thanks to your activism.