Get ready for Write for Rights 2016

At the heart of Amnesty International is this idea: that we are at our most powerful when we stand together for human rights. This is what the annual Write for Rights campaign is all about – Amnesty supporters everywhere creating great change together.

What did we achieve last year?

Last year Amnesty supporters in 182 countries completed over 3.7 million actions as part of Write for Rights. In Australia we contributed 111,000 actions.

Albert Woodfox

As a result:

  • Albert Woodfox in the US was finally released in February 2016 – 44 years after he was first placed in solitary confinement. More than 240,000 actions called for his release.
  • In February 2016 the Burkina Faso government affirmed its commitment to eradicating early and forced marriage for the girls and young women in Burkina Faso. Over 500,000 supporters called for the protection of the girls.
  • Student leader, Phyoe Phyoe Aung, was released in April 2016. She had been jailed a year earlier for helping organise protests against the government in Myanmar. Almost 400,000 Amnesty supporters called for her release.
  • Yecenia Armenta was released from prison in June 2016. She had been arbitrarily detained in 2012 by Mexican authorities and tortured into confessing to murdering her husband. Over 300,000 supporters called for her release.
  • Youth activists Fred Bauma and Yves Makawambala, who were imprisoned for promoting democracy in DRC, were released in August 2016. On his release, Fred said “I am happy to finally be free after more than 17 months of imprisonment. I thank Amnesty International and all those who fought in one way or the other for my release.”

Who will we be campaigning for this year?

We will be making a difference in the lives of:

Mahmoud Abou Zeid, also known as Shawkan, laughs at the camera.
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  1. Fomusoh Ivo Feh, a student from Cameroon facing 20 years for an SMS.
  2. Indigenous peoples of the Peace River in Canada, struggling to save their ancestral lands.
  3. Ilham Tohti, a university professor in China, jailed for life for fighting discrimination.
  4. Shawkan, a journalist in Egypt, jailed for doing his job.
  5. Johan Teterissa, a teacher in Indonesia, tortured and jailed for waving a flag.
  6. Annie Alfred, a child from Malawi, hunted for her body parts.
  7. Máxima Acuña, a peasant farmer in northern Peru, attacked by police for speaking out.
  8. Eren Keskin, lawyer and former newspaper editor in Turkey, arrested over 100 times for speaking out.
  9. Edward Snowden, a US whistleblower whose courage changed the world.

What materials will be available?

All the materials you need to hold your community events will be on the Amnesty website and the Leader Bulletin on Thursday 13 October.

Each case will have a:

  • casesheet
  • template letter
  • petition

There will also be :

  • templates to write solidarity messages on and your own letters
  • poster to advertise your event
  • an activist toolkit to help guide you

Questions? Ideas? Feedback?

Reach out to your community organiser or activism support coordinator at your local action centre.

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