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Start Something is a free magazine published four times a year and read by thousands of
youth activists and school teachers all across Australia.

Start Something is created for high school students and teachers. It can be used either as a classroom resource in study of society/humanities classes, or as part of an extra-curricular social justice club or Amnesty school group.

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 Download term 1, 2018: Women’s RIGHTS

 (PDF, 1.6 mb)

Term 1, 2018

Inside this kit students will learn about:

  1. Women’s rights around the world.
  2. Rights in the digital age — online abuse and harassment of women on social media.
  3. Inspirational women human rights defenders.

Classroom, social justice club or Amnesty school group activities included:

  1. Write a persuasive letter to people in power.
  2. Petition to make social media spaces safer.
Term 4, 2017: human rights defenders

In term 4’s pack, you can read about the human rights situations of real people in China, Finland, Chad, Turkey and Jamaica. Learn how letter-writing can spark change for these people.

Bonus lesson plans for teachers:

  1. Write for Rights: locked up (PDF, 1mb)
  2. Write for Rights: power and responsibility (PDF, 5mb)
  3. Write for Rights: right to protest (PDF, 5mb)
  4. Write for Rights: speaking up (PDF, 5mb)
  5. Amnesty MOOC on human rights defenders
Term 3, 2017: Global youth

Learn about some of the human rights issues facing youth across the world, including the issues facing LGBTQI communities; Indigenous kids in Australia; and kids working on Indonesia’s palm oil plantations.

Term 2, 2017: Refugee rights

Learn about the journeys of people seeking asylum, the global refugee situation and how governments can help. Learn how to frame the refugee debate effectively in conversations.

Term 1, 2017: Indigenous rights

Learn about Indigenous people in Australia and around the world, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.

Term 4, 2016

Learn about the Nauru detention centre; write letters for people unfairly imprisoned across the world.

Term 3, 2016

Petition for LGBTQI rights; host an AmnesTEA;  organise a film screening of Prison Songs.

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